A magical moment for Katse Fish Farms and surrounding villages


When we were negotiating with the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA) (as far back as 2002) to initiate the Trout farming project on the Katse Dam, we were able to negotiate paying a royalty to the local communities vs paying a license fee to the LHDA.” – Gregory Stubbs, CEO for Three Streams Holdings 

Community delegates comes from co-operative societies within the surrounding communities, where the linkage between the communities and projects are facilitated, coordinated and disbursed through the Katse Fish Farms Steering Committee (KFFSC).” – Mofeli Leoma, Aquaculture Manager for Katse Fish Farms

The supplying of potable water to the Ha Lejone, Ha Lukase and Ha Sebotha villages has been a great success story for both KFF and the communities.

When the dam was built and subsequently filled, the community was moved out of the river basin, meaning that they would need to walk extensive distances to get water.  

As the company grew, this royalty grew to the point that the local Ha Lejone village wished that the first project had identified to utilize this money by supplying the village with potable water.  

A current project on the go, and close to completion, is to supply school buildings in the villages with electricity.

With the massive drought that hit, Katse Fish Farms was forced to assess the dam further downstream bringing more villages on board, which has taken it from the three initial villages to ten.