A way to remove pressure from the ocean’s dwindling resources. The only sustainable solution to meet the future Seafood demand.

About Three Streams

We are custodians of the planet for our children’s children… This motto dominates the way we approach our business.

Royale Highlands Trout

Bred right… Raised right… In the best trout country. Royale Highlands Trout, from the Kingdom of Lesotho.


The Famous Three Streams Smokehouse, South Africa. Traditionally cured, naturally smoked salmon, trout and premium seafood products.

Premium Seafood Products

We aim to deliver premium quality salmon, trout or seafood products with flavour and texture that's mouth-wateringly delicious.


Three Streams aims to be the leading supplier of responsibly farmed aquaculture products and sustainably sourced high value seafood products in Southern Africa.

Sustainable Seafood Practices

Three Streams has recognised the need to remove pressure from the ocean’s dwindling resources. We believe that Aquaculture would be the only solution to meet the future Seafood demand.

Our aquaculture practices are based on our deep caring for the planet and the absolute need for sustainable fishing methods and responsible fish farming practices.

Family, Leadership, Care & Innovation

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