Tortilla cups with seared salmon, smoked trout wraps, -pizzas and More!

pizza with cold smoked trout

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Tortilla cups made with Comessa Foods tortilla wraps, filled with seared Three Streams salmon and hot smoked peppered mackerel. Smoked trout wraps, salmon curry with roti's and brand  new Comessa Pizza bases with some smoked trout - Mouth watering and sizzling hot recipes!

An exciting collaboration between Three Streams, Franschhoek and Comessa Foods based in Wynberg.  Easy and convenient recipes to cook in style and create a gourmet restaurant experience in your own home!  Three Streams product range and Comessa Foods' popular tortilla wraps, naan breads, roti's and pizza bases, is a perfect match!

About Comessa Food Services:

A family business established in 2005, and a World Class, South African Halaal Convenience Food Manufacturer of Choice.

They produce delicious snacks such as flavoured popcorn under the “Popcorn Affair” Brand; convenient and authentic flatbreads, such as flamed baked Mexican Tortilla Wraps under the “Tortilla Affair”Brand,  Indian roti’s, naan under “Indian Affair” brand  and pizza’s.

Comessa Food Services remains customer curious and strives for service excellence.

Their products can be found in all leading retail stores.



Salmon Curry with Comessa Foods Roti's

Toasted Sesame Naan with Trout Poke

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