Three Streams, Expos & New Products!

Three Streams Smokehouse cold smoked trout

Great trade shows! New Three Streams products!

We had the opportunity to attend two big trade shows, one in May and the other in June at Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand:

Food and Hospitality Show Africa aka Hostex 2017
The Hotel Show Africa with Saitex and Africa's Big 7 2017

Food and Hospitality Africa/ Hostex Expo 2017

Three Streams show-cased, the well-known and all-time favourite lines like, cold smoked trout and hot smoked salmon with a pepper, mustard seed and dill topping.

New lines included:

Tilapia fllets: Farmed in Indonesia. ASC certified and SASSI green listed.  Skinless and boneless fillets

Basa fillets: (Pangasius hypophthalmus)
Frozen raw Basa fish fillet, farmed in Vietnam. Untreated (no added phosphates) and ASC certified. Skinless and boneless fillets

Hot smoked salmon and trout fish cakes:  Ready to eat.  Our trout is SASSI green listed!

Three Streams Smokehouse is South Africa’s leading processing facility of salmon, trout and various premium quality seafood products supplied exclusively to Woolworths in retail and to the food service industry in South Africa, as well as exports to selected markets.

We will also be sending out a quarterly newsletter to highlight products, specials, keep you in the know and ensure you are able to get in contact with us, with any questions or enquiries.  Stay updated and visit our Home page to sign up for our newsletter:

For the love of  fish!

"Fish For Life...  And Life For Fish..."

Three Streams hot smoked salmon and trout fish cakes

Three Streams hot smoked salmon and trout fish cakes

The difference between the cold - & hot smoked process.

Three Streams combines traditional curing and smoking techniques with modern food safety standards to ensure a luxury product with an exceptional flavour profile.

Cold Smoking is the technique where the fish is first cured using our secret recipes and then smoked for between 6 and 12 hours, depending on the size of the fish, at a very low temperature.

Hot smoking is the process during which the product is first cured, then smoked for a while under low temperature to give the smokey flavours & finally cooked at 72 degrees C to ensure shelf-life; the process takes about 2 to 3 hours.