Processing & Operations

We care deeply for our planet, so we choose our fish from sustainable farmed operations with full trace ability. Wild caught fish are sourced from controlled and approved fisheries.

Three Streams Smokehouse is the country’s leading processing facility of Trout, Salmon and a variety of premium quality Seafood products.


Our Cure

When the Salmon and Trout arrive at the Smokehouse in Franschhoek we hand select the best fish for curing using traditional methods and our secret recipe of 25 years. We then rest the cured sides for at least 12 hours to allow the secret blend to gently mature.


Our Smoke

We use time honored techniques with modern standards to produce a truly luxury product of exceptional taste.

Our kilns use horizontal air flow to ensure equal smoke flow over the fillets. During the smoking process the fillets develop a deep, rich colour, the texture changes and the full smokey flavours ensue.

Our master smoker removes the fillets on reaching perfection and are rapidly chilled to lock in the finest textures and flavours. We only smoke our fish using imported oak shavings.


   Carefully sourced.

      Traditionally cured.

         Naturally smoked.

Value Added


Three Streams supplies the leading Retail Chain & Food Service companies in Southern Africa.

Continually innovating, the Smokehouse delivers award winning products for you to indulge in!


Primal Plant


This dedicated plant receives all fresh and frozen fish.  After careful inspection against Raw Material Purchasing Specifications, the fish enters the value chain.  A range of products from fillets, portions, value added primal fish and our favourite, lightly smoked trout fillets, are all made here to exacting standards.  These products can be dispatched in the fresh, chilled chain or in frozen display cartons.

This factory is our Low Risk Plant as all product manufactured here is uncooked, and not ready to eat.

Selected fillets of Salmon and Trout are sent to the Smokehouse to enter the smoking process.