Salmon tacos with Lightly Smoked Three Streams Salmon fillet

Salmon Tacos

Salmon TacosIngredients:

Coleslaw mix
Coriander leaves
Tomato diced
Avocado diced
Fresh lemon juice
Salt and pepper
Combine the above ingredients, mix well in a bowl and set aside.

Sushi mayonnaise
Salmon fillet lightly smoked, cut into small pieces
Yakitori glaze (see Recipe below)
Olive oil
8 flour tortillas
Toasted sesame seeds (Toast sesame seeds in a dry pan)
Spring onion sliced finely

Cook the salmon in olive oil for 2 minutes and pour the glaze over. Simmer for another 2 minutes and set aside.

Heat the tortillas according to package directions and use a toothpick to attach the sides to form the shape.  Leave to cool. Fill tortillas with cabbage mixture and salmon.

Garnish with spring onion and toasted sesame seeds.

Yakitori glaze:

600ml soy sauce
350ml sugar
50ml honey
1 Tsp. chilli flakes
60ml mirin
60ml rice vinegar
60ml water
Heat and add 30ml lemon juice