Salmon Cannelloni By Chef Nina Timm

Perfect for a light lunch

Serves 4


8 Cannelloni tubes
250 g ricotta
juice and zest of 1 lime
50 g Threestreams Cold-smoked Salmon Ribbons
200 g Woolworths Fresh Cheese Sauce
fresh herbs and edible flowers to serve



Fill a medium size pot with water, add some salt and bring to the boil.
Cook the cannelloni tubes for about 5 minutes. They must still hold their shape and not be too soft.
In the meantime, place the ricotta, salmon, lime juice and zest in a processor and process until smooth. Scoop the mixture into a piping bag.
When the cannelloni tubes are done, remove from the water and drain on a kitchen towel. Pipe the filling into the tubes and place two tubes on the serving plates or in an oven proof dish. Cover with the cheese sauce and place under the grill to just get some colour. No need to bake the cannelloni.

Serve with the herbs and flowers.