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Hot Smoked Peppered Mackerel and Potato Pie

By threestreams | Jan 26, 2021

“Oh my gosh, this smoked mackerel and potato pie was so much better than I could ever have imagined.” -Chef Nina Timm    Serves 6 – 8   Ingredients: 4 hot smoked fillets with pepper and mustard seed 4 – 6 potatoes – peeled and diced in 2×2 cm cubes 2 big leeks –…

Fishy Halloween Spaghetti

By threestreams | Jan 26, 2021

“Fishy Halloween spaghetti –Yes, I had to go there! This Fishy Halloween spaghetti is so good, adults like it too. Ok, I ate a plate full while shooting this recipe. There is nothing but goodness in this recipe, the fishcakes are made with salmon and trout which is so good for you. The tomato sauce…

Herb Crusted Fish Fingers Using Three Streams Basa Fillets

By threestreams | Jan 26, 2021

Ingredients: Basafillets (1 x pack with 2 fillets) 2 TbspLemon juice Salt and pepper Crumb mixture: 4 Tbs Stale white bread, crumbed Chopped dill Maldon Salt and pepper Too make the fish fingers: Flour Eggs, lightly beaten Crumb mixture   Method: Slice the Basa fillets into even slices –sashimi style Lay out flat and drizzle…