Our Products

Three Streams supplies the leading Retail Chain & Food Service companies in Southern Africa. 

Continually innovating, the Smokehouse delivers award winning products for you to indulge in!

Cold Smoked Products

These cold oak-smoked salmon and trout products are our most popular product.

Typically supplied as ribbons or D-cut in varying sizes.

Lightly Smoked Products

Smoked for a shorter period of time, these products obtain a delicate smokey flavour from the oak.

Hot Prepared Products

Salmon or trout is smoked at higher temperatures for longer periods of time.

The higher content of natural oils in the fish allows the hot smoke procedure to drive the maximum flavour. These products also lend themselves well to being enhanced with other strong flavours.

Value Added Products

Experiment with different textures as well as flavours. Typically these products take different forms and are specifically developed with entertainment and easy preparation in mind.

Fish is made into paté either by chopping or mincing the meat. Flavours and other ingredients can be added.

Perfect for spreads, in sauces or as an additional canapé.

Fresh & Primal Products

Essentially our Salmon or trout in its most basic form. The meat has been trimmed and pin-boned for convenience.

Very versatile - experiment with cooking methods (such as home smoking) and your own flavours!

Other Seafood Products

Salmon and trout may be our main fish products, but we also believe there is much value in other sustainable fish species, shellfish and crustaceans. Some of our other fish species include mackerel, tilapia, snoek and many more. We also carry a range of shellfish

Some of our other fish species include mackerel, tilapia, snoek, mussels, prawns and many more.