From the Kingdom of Lesotho


Royale Highlands Trout are grown in the cold, clear waters of the Lesotho Highlands. Pollution free water and environmentally sound farming methods ensure a product of the highest standards.

Trout from this region is melt-in-the-mouth tender because of the remarkably high water quality and sustainable farming methods.

Katse Fish Farms

In the pristine waters of the Kaste Lake in the Highlands of Lesotho, our magical project was born in 2006. After due diligence and careful environmental impact assessment was concluded, the modern trout farming operation was started with passion and involvement of skilled aqua- culturists, investors and the local Ha Lejone village members.

Lesotho governing bodies implemented rigorous environmental schemes to ensure rich harvests for future generations. The National Environment Secretariat (NES), the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA), the Lesotho Department of Water Affairs and the Lesotho Water Commission and the Ministry of Natural Resources were all involved in the approval and are constantly monitoring the project.

This Highlands Aquaculture Initiative is destined to become the largest trout farm on the African continent. Most of Southern Africa is unsuitable for trout production, which needs clean, cold, well-aerated water. The Katse lake area is ideally suited to trout farming, and produces high quality trout all year round.

Farming Through the Seasons


The Three Streams Hatchery imports trout eggs from certified disease free stock every two months. Fry from these hatches are transported to Katse, where they begin their cycle in nursery pens. Heavy rains during the summer months means that our trout are well exercised, lean and healthy. This leads to a firm fleshed fish. In autumn and winter the weather can be very severe, with ice and snow covering the mountains and farm. Occasionally the farm and village are cut off from the outside world. In Spring, as the water temperatures rise, the trout’s appetite increases. This means good growth into summer, when water temperatures are ideal for trout rearing.

The waters of the Lesotho Highlands are the only place in Southern Africa where large volumes of trout can be farmed all year round. These waters provide suitable temperature profiles, and are clean, sheltered and well oxygenated.

Royale Highlands Trout

Royale Highlands Trout, from the Kingdom of Lesotho

Selected, disease free fry are carefully transported from Three Streams every two months. Great care for the fish ensure we rear them in 90% water. Feeding with a bespoke diet, we produce lean and fit fish. With best management practices and care for the environment, we produce Trout of the finest quality. A year later the large trout are returned to the famous Three Streams Smokehouse for further processing and marketing.

Our trout eggs are hatched in the clear streams of the Franschhoek Mountains, then raised in the Lesotho Highlands, in the pure, cold, free-flowing waters of the Katse Lake. These ideal conditions result in humanely farmed fish that are strong, lean, healthy and delicious. Community ownership in the Royal Highlands Trout farms makes our trout more sustainable. The traceability trustworthy sources means you can enjoy our trout with confidence, knowing that we care for the environment every step of the way.

Once the fingerlings reach the Lesotho highlands, they double their weight every few weeks. Our trout thrive in the pure, cold, deep moving waters of the Katse Lake - ideal conditions for raising world class quality trout. When they reach around 1.5 kg, they are harvested and transported back to Franschhoek for processing at Three Streams Smokehouse.