The Hotel Show Africa 2017

The Hotel Show Africa 2017

The Hotel Show Africa, Africa's Big 7 and Saitex! Three great shows in one! Three Streams attended this first-time expo and it was great to meet new people in the trade and see familiar faces. 

We show-cased what we have to offer in SA and Three Streams presented their traditional cold smoked trout as well as new products like Salmon and Trout hot smoked fish cakes, Tilapia- and Basa fillets - cooked to perfection.

DMG:  'is delighted to have brought The Hotel Show to Africa , we are honored to be in partnership with all the important industry associations and with our Host Partner, South Africa TourismFor 17 years this event has supported the hospitality industry in Dubai and has been instrumental sharing industry expertise, providing a showcase of global products and providing a forum for hospitality professionals from across the Middle East and beyond. We are proud to now be doing the very same for Africa.' 

A bit more about our products:

Three Streams combines traditional curing and smoking techniques with modern food safety standards to ensure a luxury product with an exceptional flavour profile.

Cold Smoking is the technique where the fish is first cured using our secret recipes and then smoked for between 6 and 12 hours, depending on the size of the fish, at a very low temperature.

Hot smoking is the process during which the product is first cured, then smoked for a while under low temperature to give the smokey flavours & finally cooked at 72 degrees C to ensure shelf-life; the process takes about 2 to 3 hours.

New Products:

Salmon and Trout fish cakes:  Hot smoked and ready to eat.  Our Trout is SASSI green listed

Tilapia: Farmed in Indonesia. ASC certified and SASSI green listed.

Basa fillets: Frozen raw Basa fish fillet, farmed in Vietnam. Untreated (no added phosphates) and ASC certified.