When sourcing/procuring products, ensure that you purchase from sustainable suppliers like Three Streams. Purchasing our sustainably farmed Norwegian salmon and Rainbow trout products benefits you and your company!


Besides impacting the planet for future generations, here are some additional benefits to sustainability for your business:

  1. Improved Brand awareness through “doing good” behaviours,
  2. Attract employees, investors and loyal customers,
  3. Create engaging digital content to improve SEO and to deepen online community relationships.


Chelsea Headshot

“My name is Chelsea Booysen, I am the Technical Manager and Head of the Sustainability Committee at Three Streams. I’m responsible for the creation and management of the technical systems governing the production and new development processes within the company.”







Q: Which water-saving measures have been put in place at Three Streams Smokehouse (TSSH)?

Being a fish processing factory, water is a resource needed and used in large quantities in all factories (i.e. rinsing, cleaning, food safety). Over the past few years, TSSH has embarked on a journey to save as much water as and where we can and will continue to do so. 

  • We currently use treated borehole water which is drawn from 6 boreholes strategically distributed around the farm,
  • Improved nozzles have been installed on the taps in our factories, to minimize wastage during hygiene and processing procedures,
  • We have commissioned various machines to assist in our water-saving initiative, for example, our crate washer, which has resulted in a 20% water usage reduction in our primal factory. 
  • We have invested in automatic tap systems through our facility, as well as cleaning systems that reduce our water consumptions.

Q: Which energy-saving measures have been put in place at Three Streams Smokehouse (TSSH)?

  • We have started phasing out all the yellow light in the factories and replacing them with energy-efficient LED lights,
  • We have installed timers on our geysers, which give us approx. 6 hours of saved energy per day,
  • For a more long term solution, we are currently investigating the option to build a centralised cold storage unit, which will create 62.3% more efficiency. 

 Q: Which measures have been put in place to minimise food wastage during and post-production?

  • We naturally aim to maximize our production yields, and are in the process of developing a new range of products using our fish skins. The remainder of our by-product is turned into fishmeal.

 Q: Briefly explain which certification our products hold and the importance of procuring certified products with regards to sustainability?

Sustainability is extremely important to Three Streams. It defines our business philosophy in the way we choose to farm, procure and process in our daily operations.

  • We are MSC certified for our North East Atlantic Mackerel and ASC certified for our Pangasius and Tilapia,
  •  We have full traceability of our Aquaculture products; Norwegian Salmon and Rainbow Trout, from egg to plate, as we believe it is important that you know the journey your food has travelled, 
  • We do not purchase fish on the speculative market and only work with suppliers that source fish from well-managed fisheries, who in turn use sustainable farming methods.