Cooking it up! Three Streams Trout & Salmon with Pesto Princess!

Three Streams trout and Pesto Princess pesto

This month is all about the salmon, trout and pesto!

We tried our hand at some mouthwatering recipes with Pesto Princess' delicious pesto's! From braaied salmon fillet with Pesto sauce to stuffed trout portions.

If you don't know the Princess story and how they started, keep on reading, we found this quite interesting and awesome!

Pesto Princess started out really small, from Kathleen's home kitchen in Observatory in 1998.  Kathleen wanting to pursue a career in singing, decided to explore her second passion, a passion for food.  She started cooking up an intriguing array of baked and bottled goods and sold it on Fridays at the local school market.

'To cut a long story short, there is no more singing and over 70 tons of pesto is pumped out of the palace each year.'

Their food philosophy:  'We believe that nothing beats the taste of a comforting, homemade meal.  We also know about your to-do-list,  so we've done some of the cooking for you, starting with our pesto sauces.'

On that note, we were very please to hear them announce, the arrival of four new soups, Princess Pesto - Fresh tomato soup, Pea & Pesto soup, Red lentil soup and creamy carrot soup.

We have our eye on the Pea & Pesto- and red lentil soup, for some interesting recipe combinations with cold smoked trout and hot smoked peppered salmon, but we will keep you in the loop as the rain starts to fall and when the cold weather of winter, starts creeping in!

In the meantime be sure to browse to these amazing recipes on our website! And click for the Pesto Princess story and recipes.  Visit their website contact them for more information.

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